From education via scientific research into economy and back 

The aspiring technology-region Ostwestfalen-Lippe (OWL) is willing to make its mark in the field of state-of-the-art technologies. 

Lasting jobs are created where knowledge and technologie are converted rapidly into products and services which are easy to market.

That’s why the Innovation Campus Lemgo links/networks existing and new players/participants along the chain of innovation “education-scientific research-economy” and thus creates an ecosystem for innovationin the field of digital economy.

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Innovation Campus Lemgo erhält Zuwendung des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen

Regierungspräsidentin Marianne Thomann-Stahl hat Förderbescheid im Rahmen des Steuerkreistreffens am 2. November 2018 überreicht „Mit der Förderung kann der Innovation Campus Lemgo nun weiter Fahrt aufnehmen. Dies mit dem Ziel, der Motor für regionales Wachstum durch Vernetzung und digitale Transformation in der Region Ostwestfalen-Lippe zu werden“, so Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Witte, Vorstandsvorsitzender des Innovation Campus Lemgo e. V.

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Dauerausstellung zur Intelligenten Stadt auf dem Innovation Campus Lemgo eröffnet

Im CENTRUM INDUSTRIAL IT (CIIT) können sich Besucher des Innovation Campus Lemgo nun auch über die Ziele und aktuellen Arbeiten des Fraunhofer IoT-Reallabors "Lemgo Digital" informieren. Erleben Sie, wie wir die digitale Transformation von Mittelstädten am Beispiel der Alten Hansestadt Lemgo, gemeinsam mit Partnern und Bürgern, angehen!

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The campus

First thoughts about the Innovation Campus Lemgo were already considered in 2014. The aim is not only to increase the attractiveness of the whole quarter/area, to accelerate the transfer of technologies and to strengthen the international visibility. It is also to improve the innovative capability and the competitive ability of the regional economy.

To reach this goal, the value of existing areas is being increased, new spaces with high amenity value come into being and additional research facilities and companies are being settled. In 10 years the present campus will be unrecognisable.

Download: FactSheet (PDF)

The Innovation Campus Lemgo connect excisting and new Actors along the Innovation Chain "Education-Research-Economy" continuously.


Education – scientific research – economy to Industrie 4.0: On the Innovation Campus Lemgo the whole chain of innovation is concentrated in one place for the first time – from professional orientation via education, further training and studies to research, development and business start-up. In this way we make an important contribution to the empowerment of the regional innovative strength and thus to the economic development of our region. With its international orientation for companies, qualified/specialized employees and scientists, the campus will be a creative space with an intensive exchange for the development of new products and services. Furthermore an optimal connection (in terms of urban development) to the historic old town of Lemgo and culture in Lippe occurs.


The Innovation Campus Lemgo already has powerful participants along the chain of innovation education-research-economy. On the basis of a master plan potentials for synergy in terms of content are being revealed and necessary infrastructural measures for an attractive area are being realized step by step.

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Call us, use our contact form or send us an e-mail. Your person in charge for any questions concerning the “Innovation Campus Lemgo” Association is the Main Office.

Main Office “Innovation Campus Lemgo”
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